Thursday, July 2, 2009

just random

I seriously give props to my girlfriends that have their husbands out of town for days at a time! Will has still not returned from Vegas and this blows. I seriously want to cry. I mish him soo much. He sent me a picture of him and the other boys working on lifts, and I may or may not have teared up. I miss watching heroes every night with him, and eating dinner, and laughing, and cuddling, and everything. SO sad... 

On a lighter note... Work is going so well for me lately. I love it. I love all the girlies I work with and I really love doing hair, and all the other beauty stuff. So if you want or need a change with hair, pedicures, style, waxing, or anything give me a call!

We got a new refrigerator and it is mostly amazing. It was only 100 bucks. Normally like a 2000 dollar fridge. But were very lucky to have ward members to sell it to us for cheap. They only had it for like 1 year. Its brand new. We also got a Curio Cabinet to put our china and other memories. SOO cute. 

We almost had a death in the family. Yes one of the turtles almost died. I saw him floating on his back. So Will took him out and he was still moving. We put him in his own little turtle tank and are not trying to get him to eat and gain some weight before we put him back in with the rest of the turtles. So that is good. He is looking pretty good :)

Last night as I lay alone I kept hearing a beeping noise. At first I thought it was the turtles like talking to eachother... nope it is the stupid fire alarm. I have no hubby here to fix it either. So I had to listen to that all night. Luckily I was busy at work today so I didnt have to just sit and listen to that!

Well now I am just rambling because I am bored and WIDOWED! So ill let you go:) have a great weekend and 4th of July. Hopefully my next post will be HE'S HOME!! haha 

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