Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thinking so can't sleep

We watched Happy Feet some what tonight and cuddled/kisses for a bit tonight. As always Tere had to go home and then I fell asleep. I woke up and now as I lay here all I can think about is how blessed I truly am for this amazing blonde girl that is in my life. Everyone always said when you find the girl of your dreams you will just know.  I hated hearing that and now I catch myself saying it.  Tere has changed my life. Many don't know we have know each other for years but when we first met would never of thought that one day we would even be friends let alone getting married.  I believe that Tere was made for me and that it just took me a minute to figure it out.  I am still in awh on how much we have grown one we decided to date each other.  I have learned things about myself that I never even knew I was, did, or am. Since tonight Tere is still my girl friend I have to tell everyone she is by far the best girlfriend I have ever had. She stole the "oh man thats Will Shake" that every other girl knew.  She saw right threw that 20 something year old playboy that I was and got my butt into gear.  I tell her all the time that she broke me but what she really did was fix every bad thing that I was and has turned me into the man that I should be.  I love Tere with everything that I am and am so gifted to even have had the opportunity to have met her let alone be they lucky guy marrying her. I am so honored every day to be able to say yeah I am getting married and yes this is who I am marrying.  I sent out wedding invited to some of my closest clients and one lady that I have worked with for 4 years now who I meet with once some times twice a week told me how impressed she was with the way Tere looked into the camera in the photo.  She said, "it is like she really loves you Will, you are lucky that she displays it so well."  I can not express what Tere means to me, all I can say is tears of joy come so easily as I am with you baby. I love you and I give you all that I am forever and ever.  Thank you again for seeing past what others said I was and taking the chance to get to know what I am today.  I love you isn't enough I wish there was some stronger words that I could say so you could really know how I feel. I think you know as we held hands the other night and just by your touch I was in tears.  You know I was trying so hard to act tuff. That feeling is what I want to say but have no words to express it. I am so thankful for our father in heaven for creating you, then creating you in my heart.


  1. Oh William.. I knew there was a soft side to you.. I've always considered you to be my brother and now it will be official. I love you so much for taking care of Tere. And its refreshing to hear that true love is still alive.
    Much love,
    Ms. DOL


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