Wednesday, May 13, 2009

insanley busy

So I don't know when we will be able to post again. We have been crazy busy the last few days. We went to the temple last night. Which was the most amazing experience I have ever had. There was the strongest feeling in there that makes you want to never leave. From the moment I walked in till the moment I left I knew I was in the presence of the Lord. And it felt amazing. I would make it a goal if you can to go and experience it for your self. And if you have gone and done it, make it a goal to go back at least once a week. That is going to be my goal. I will have to talk to Will bout it but that is what I want to try and do!

So we get married on Friday. Just 1 1/2 days left and I cant wait. Our reception is going to be soo beautiful and so fun. We have very unique pieces for decoration, and its going to be gorgeous. My mother has made all the flower arrangements, bouquets, mothers and grandmothers bracelets, from Tai Pan. It will all be set up and decorated by the creative and wonderful workers from Forever More Events. They have been so good to work with, and to take the stress off from us. They go set it all up, take it down, and even throw in a little wedding gift for the groom and bride. SPARKLERS! How fun huh!

Friday night I have no clue where we are staying. I don't even know where were staying Saturday or Sunday. Our house should be done being tiled and cleaned by Monday. So we will move in our bed for Monday and plan to move the rest in thru out the week. We have to head up north after were married to buy our lovely furniture. It is going to be such a busy month. We also leave for our honeymoon on the 23rd. And once again I have no clue where that will be. All I know is that we fly from Vegas to Florida. 7 hour lay over in Florida. Fly from Florida to our destination spot. It takes about 11 hours by plane to get there. Soo uh wish me luck. Ha. And hopefully we find our way home :)

Everything is mostly done for the wedding. Few minor details but for the most part it is perfect, and I couldn't be happier. I am just rushing to get beauty stuff done now. Hair, Nails, Eyelash ext, etc. Then I am doing eyelashes on my mother in law, and her sister, and also on my mother. So its going to be busy. But it will all be so much fun. I work today till 3 have a lot to do after and also work tomorrow till bout 1 or 2. WHO THE CRAP THINKS THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO FOR THEIR WEDDING AND THINKS "OH I AM FINE WORKING TILL THE DAY BEFORE MY WEDDING" AND THEN REALIZES HOW MUCH STUFF ACTUALLY HAS TO BE DONE! I sure know who thinks that.. ME. The blonde girl that thinks everything is done. Then realizes all this stuff beauty wise and last minute things need to be finished. But nothing to worry about. haha. I am sure if your married you know how I am feeling at this moment.

Will's work is getting so busy. And its going to be the busiest when we are gone. SO hopefully the boys there will work hard and cover what Will has to do. He is such an amazing worker and has a lot on his plate when he is at work. I am so thankful that he gets up and goes and does and never complains. Well almost and mostly never complains. His boss is amazing, and so nice. He has given us dis counts on our announcements, and everything. I am soo happy that Will and his boss get along. And how amazing he and his wife both are. They will be with us in the temple when we get married and I am so excited.

I think that is bout it to catch up. Hopefully sometime next week we will have time to post something. Or have pictures :) Have a great weekend!


  1. TERE!!! and Will, but mainly Tere, not that I don't love you will but we are girls we kinda just stick together. anyway I AM GETTING SO EXCITED!!! ha ha i just wanted to tell you, anyway you will have to help me figure this thing out because it doesn't make any sense to me. Well Ill see you BOTH friday! loves!

  2. SO your all married and what not. I am so excited for you. let me know how the married life is. I have fourteen days left. So i totally thought your wedding was the saturday and not the i am horrible and missed it. I know you were saying you wanted to go to lunch because of my shower. so i think its a good idea because i missed your wedding.haha i hope it went amazing though. congrats


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