Monday, April 6, 2009

weekend fun.

This weekend some of my family came down to visit. So we went to Skeet for the sea food buffet! All the guys LOADED up on the crab legs. They probably had like 3-4 plates each. It was fun to watch.

will's crab eating face

Blurry cute faces

My grandpa and cousin talkin bout crab :)

Conference Weekend

Then for saturday and sunday we headed up to Pine Valley for Conference! It has been tradition for my family since we had bought our cabin. This is the 2nd time Will has come up with my family for Conference Weekend. The first time was when we were dating and we knew we were getting married and my parents had only guess that we were. :) It was soo much fun. The talks givin by the General Authorities and by the Prophet were amazing. They had so much to say. We went four wheeling and had dinner up there, then packed up and came home.
This is William jumping. I got him as he was
comin down rather than in the air.
HA! My brother wouldnt get up so we thru
all the bean bags on him then my dad put the
table chairs on him. It was funny he slept like that
for about 10 more minutes till he woke up.

This is my mother slaving away in the kitchen.
She made like 6 pans of hash browns for like 5 people.
We all gave her crap for it. It was entertaining.
Soo all in all it was a good conference weekend and am looking forward to the next one in 6 months. And this time William and I will be married!

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