Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Driving, Concerts, California

Ok so our last weekend started like this..
THURSDAY: It was my birthday. So Will and I worked till about 2 ish. In that time of work my lovely fiance got me a bouquet of flowers, as well as my father! How sweet is that! After work I found out Will had gotten me tickets for the 3OH!3 concert in Vegas! I am totally obsessed with them. They are an amazing concert! So we were off to Vegas, we moshed in the pit, and well William ended up with a broken rib! So he has been wearing an ace bandage ever since!
FRIDAY: We came home from Vegas, went 4- wheeling for a few hours, found a million paint balls while 4-wheeling and made a colorful rock. After all that fun, we took a drive in my dad's Volks-Wagen Thing! It was fun. Then we went back to my house and headed to California. My cousin Cali was getting baptised. So we went down for that. Ya try fitting 7 humans in a 8 passenger Expedition, AND all their luggage, not my idea of a good time. Don't even worry that my grandma brought 3 suit cases. (i think she wanted us to leave her there) So that was a fun drive!
Our fun drive :)
SATURDAY: We woke and went to Cali's baptism, went to the luncheon, and saw my first lemon tree! It was at Cali's grandma's house! We picked a ton of lemons, it was amazing! Then we loaded up and headed home. When we got home pretty much we crashed!

SUNDAY: Ok so Chris got me tickets to another concert in Vegas for Sunday night. So after church, and a much needed nap we headed to Vegas for the Senses Fail, Hollywood Undead Concert. With Will's broken rib we sat on the side lines and just watched. But it was fun to just relax and not be pushed and jabbed with elbows. We left the moshing to Chris and his 5 friends. It was an overall really good concert. We saw a couple fights break out at the end and a million officers and security guards running to tackle the culprits, it was a good time!
So this is Hollywood Undead! SOO good!
SOO needless to say, it was a super busy weekend, but super fun!
( There are more pic's ill put up, but they are on will's phone, so they will have to wait. Our colorful rock, and also 4- wheeling)


  1. so if you saw senses fail and that other band... i am pretty sure you saw haste the day? thats the concert beau wanted to go to! haha thats funny! im glad you had a good bday!

  2. hey everybody, i am just sending this out to everyone whose email i didnt get! we have gone private, so if you would like to view our blog, email us at beau.n.stef@hotmail.com and we will invite you! thanks!
    beau & stef stratton

  3. My little tere is getting married!!!!!I can't believe it, congrats woman! I am so happy for you. I don't know if Will remembers me, but he used to hang out with my friends and I sometimes. I am so glad you found my blog and we can keep in touch. You look gorgeous as always, congrats again. :)

  4. T-ray!!! I hope you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I didn't even know it was your b-day or else I would've come and rudely awakned you while you were going pee early in the morning!! HAHA good times! anyways... I hope you guys are doing awesome! I can't wait for your wedding...SO EXCITING!!!

  5. Hey Tere! It has been a long time! Looks like you are doing well! Thats awesome you are getting married soon! Married life is fun!!! Keep in touch!


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