Friday, April 10, 2009

Gardasil Shot

9 Months ago I lost a cousin. Not just a cousin, the most amazing sweet spirited cousin ever! Her name was Whitney Baird. Most of you probably knew her, went to school with her, or were acquaintances with her some how. Whitney got ALS thru a shot called Gardasil. It is to help prevent HPV (sexually transmitted infections ) and also to protect girls from Cervical Cancer. Whitney was on her mission in Texas when it hit her. She tried everything she could do to stay on her mission. She kept on going even after her arms had stopped working, she couldn't do a whole lot for her self. Luckily she had a great mission companion to help her thru. When Whitney fell it changed her life. She came back to Utah and went thru test to find out that she had gotten ALS. During the last few month of Whitney's life she couldn't move her arms, she could hardly walk, and depended on her family. She is just one case of many that have passed away from this "life saving" shot. Whitney was 22 years old when she left us to continue her mission where God must have needed her.

Last night Chelsey (Whit's sister) and I were talking about how they still have commercials and posters up about how this could save your life, save your daughters life how they can be one less to get Cervical Cancer and Chelsey informed me that the doctors get commission on each shot that they give to every girl. So of course they are going to push it, tell you how wonderful it is. But it has ruined many lives, not just the young girls that have gotten sick from it but their families, friends, and loved ones.

Please re post either this or something about Gardasil to help prevent even just one girl, could be your sister, your friend, or your daughter from getting this shot and saving their life. Down below are links to many different websites that have more information on Gardasil and the risks and dangers of it.!A8A375DEBD233B9C!119.entry

Please visit these site. Share these sites.

I dont know why, I just felt as if I needed to post or say something about this. Chelsey and I were talking about what we could do to get it out that its not okay for girls to get this shot, and I just felt as if this is one step that I could take or that you could take to saving a life.


  1. Tere! I must say I am so glad you did! Chelsey had told me about the shot and everything, but I didn't remember what it was for! Thanks so much for the reminder! I went to the doctor last week and they asked me if I wanted to get a shot for just those things! I bet it was this and I'm so glad I don't like shots and I said no!!! Thanks again for the post!! I obviously needed the refresher!!!


    Here is the petition site for Gardasil.. Thank you for helping spread the word T. I LOVE YOU!


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