Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So I got my canvas confiscated out of my garage by the police. Really sad story but no more painting for a bit. I don't paint illegal graffiti anymore and haven't for years now. I had a 7'x7' canvas in my garage to just rock on. One of my neighbors called the cop and they came to my home and confiscated it and questioned me about it. Not really a big deal at the time but I didn't realize how relaxing and how big of a stress reliever it was to just fill and cut some paint. Anyways today is the big 26 for me. I got sick and freaked out on Tere, SORRY LOVE, so now I am alone as I throw up my dinner and all I want to do is paint. I am so about ready to go lay up, good thing there are no train yards near my home. What makes it a sad story is Tere bought me a box of 12 cans and a bag of caps for my b-day. All sorts of paint but no where legal to paint.

Attached is a sick Lotus wrap and my favorite old/new hip hop video. 

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