Tuesday, April 21, 2009


30 Reasons why I am madly in love with YOU!

1. You make me smile
2. You have crazy dance/ motion moves that I adore
3. You alWays send me cute text in the middle of the night so I have something to wake up to
4. You love me even when I frustrate you
5. You are the one that pushed us to go Into the right direction
6. You are an amazing cook & always have something fun to make for me
7. You have an amazing testimony and great love for the church
8. You work so hard to support our Little family and I am so thankful that you do!
9.You are my life and my motivation
10. You keep me sane
11. You can text me alL day and never once run out of things to say
12. You let me drive your car
13. I can act like a complete idiot and you just smIle at me and laugh
14. You play and text with Chris ( my younger brother) as if he were your own
15. You tell me how pretty I Am when I have my face painted :)
16. You are marrying me
17. You fit into My life like a missing piece to our perfect eternal puzzle

18. You let me nap all day on Sundays and just hold me the whole time
19. I always get a good morning love Text from you
20. You always come visit me at work if I am working late
21. You hold my hand even when yours starts to sweat a bit
22. You wax my eyebrows for me
23. I love tHat you are social and out going
24. I love that you speak your mind
25. You have a great taste in music
26. You have amazing taste in hOuse decorating and I cant wait for ours!
27. You treat my faMily as if they were your own
28. I love that you take pictures of my cousins and plAy with them
29. Your alwayS willing to help me
30. You make me who I am and I am thankful for you


I could definitely go on and on about how I love you and everything you are! But mostly I shouldn't. I am so blessed to have you as my life. I love you and cant wait till May 15th when we will be officially Mr. & Mrs. William Shake. Happy Birthday My Love.

Love your Wifey

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