Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bored at work + blog stalking = hubby tag

Husband Tag!

Answer the questions about your sweetheart…
*What is your husband’s name: William Thomas Shake
*How long have you been married? Were not yet. 3 Weeks 2 Days
*How long did you date? It will be about 9 Months
*How old is he? 26 as of yesterday
*Who eats more sweets? Most definatly me!
*Who said I love you first? I started, he finished. Cute story actually
*Who is taller? William for sure by like almost a FOOT
*Who can sing best? most likely william, i suck
*Who is smarter? Uh lets put it this way.. i went to hair school, he has a masters degree. But i think were both smarter in different ways!
*Who does laundry? I will. He hates laundry. i hate dishes we have it worked out!
*Who pays bills? Definatly not me. He is smarter than me that way!
*Who sleeps on the right side? I do.. will...have..
*Who mows the lawn? Jose and Jos B??
*Who cooks dinner? We both will. I need lessons haha
*Who drives? Both of us.
*Who is first to admit they are wrong? Neither of us.. its not good
*Who kissed who first? ha um our first kiss was special. We kinda kissed eachother first.
*Who asked who out first? Will asked me, i think
*Who wears the pants? were the same pretty much

The end. and i still have like an 1 1/2 left! sad day.

I love you william thomas. I cant wait for us to be married!

oh and i tag uh.. YOU!

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