Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last weekend and Monday night special

So last night we went to watch some of our friends dance in a luau! It was soo fun. It was like dinner and a movie. Well dinner and a dance! It was at the college and was thrown by the Polynesian group. It was cool to go and see what other cultures are like. We watched fire dancing by some of the boys, had yummy food, and listened to Hawaiian music! The end dance, people went up and were giving money to the dancers, but this 2 year old boy would go up and take all the money that people were throwing up there. It was hilarious.


This last weekend I left William widowed, while I went up north with my mother and stayed with my grandparents. My grandma and us went shopping to the Gateway Mall. I still needed a dress to wear out of the temple and to the luncheon, shoes for my wedding dress and my other dress, and my mom just wanted shoes. So I found a super cute dress 2 pairs of shoes, and some other misc stuff for Will. My life of shopping now consists of .. me going into my favorite stores, going straight to the men's stuff and thinking "What should I get for Will" it kinda sucks, cuz hello I want stuff, but I always look for him first:)

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  1. woohoo! go chelsea! ps. happy bday tomorrow. well... scratch that, i will just tell you tomorrow. ;)


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