Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Insta-Life/ I should be shot.

Blogger land forgive me.
It has been about 20 days since my last post.
I have been busy/ lazy/ I should be shot.

Today is not really even a post. Just a Insta-life. I feel like its the easiest way to keep up when you have been a lazy blogger like myself. I haven't even read ANY blogs. That is just crazy talk right? RIGHT?

But I have missed you, and you, and YOU.

 We have been busy at the shop with events and rides that William barely has time to breath. He cycles 4+ days a week, swims 2+ days a week and runs 2+ days a week all while working 80+ hours a week! He is a busy boy. I am so thankful for his motivation and inspiration. He is such a hard worker, and I love that he is following his passion and giving it his all!
 We have been having some crazy sunsets here in the STG. They have been beautiful. We have been receiving more rain than we usually do which is why I think they have been so amazing. Look at these clouds!
 I love having my brother close again. He is my best friend, and always will be. He will go along with anything I ask or say. He is hilarious. I love him.
I shuttled up to Salt Lake for a girls trip with my Mother and Grandma. This girl was like this the WHOLE ride. I didn't know if I should push her face back so it didn't fall off her neck or not! I know its not nice of me to post this picture of someone I don't know, but it was funny. I know if it was me and someone took a photo of me like this, I would die laughing.

We had lunch with my great grandma and aunts. They were so fun! After we went to my great grandmas to rest before hitting the City Creek Mall. The photos above are of my grandmas wigs, she seriously has awesome style! The other one is of my great great grandparents. They were married in 1914. Isn't that crazy. I love this picture.
We ventured to the Hogal Zoo for one day. It was awesome. I seriously cant get enough of the zoo. I could sit and watch the animals all day.
*Funny Story. We were researching the zoo the day before we went and there was a monkey called the Grey Titi Monkey. We all died laughing, and my mother wanted to bring my great grandma with us so we could have a 5 generation picture with the Grey Titi Monkey.
This is my grandma's backyard. Is it not the most perfect place ever? They have deer that come into their yard, as well as quail birds, and other animals. I love this house.

 You Guys! Just call me Betty crocker, or Susie homemaker, or whatever other domestic people are out there. Do you see those loafs of bread? I cooked them. It was awesome, and they are delicious! One is Cinnamon sugar, and the other is just plain wheat bread! I was so proud of myself. From now on, I am going to make our bread. It comes to about .97 cents a loaf and you can freeze them. Its brilliant!
 I got my lashes done and I love them. I wish I would stop playing with them! They are so pretty though right?
Oh my obsession. I started watching One Tree Hill like 3 weeks ago and am already on Season 8! Have you seen this? Where the H did Lucas and Peyton go in Season 7? I am a little upset!
What are your favorite shows on Netflix?
2/3 boys in my life. This is what we like to call Sunday Night Laziness.


  1. Share that bread recipe please! And I'm terrified of that picture of the girl sleeping! Only because I know that's what I look like when I fall asleep on the airplane.

    1. Ha! I'll post the recipe soon;) I hope I never look like that!

  2. Dude Tere that is my cousin you took a picture of how embarrasing!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. My favorite show on netflix is/was prison break now i'm into felicity!! P.P.S or P.S.S. haha Can you teach me to bread like that?!

    1. Is she really your cousin? I will teach you. It was so so easy! What are you doing Saturday morning? Maybe we can do it then!

    2. Oh p.s I watched prison break and was obsessed! I may or may not have a school girl crush on Michael schofield.

  3. glad youre back love! your eyelashes look amazing! so pretty! xo

  4. It looks like you've been enjoying yourself, and we've missed you too :)


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