Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top 5: Celebrity Crushes

I am linking up with Just Peachy today for the Top 5 Tuesday. Topic of this Tuesday? Celebrity Crushes. Oh I have so many. But lets narrow it down to 5 6 shall we?

Hey I am allowed to have girl crushes right?
Blake Lively is simply the most gorgeous girl there is.
And she is dating Ryan Reynolds.

 Obviously Channing is on everyones list.
He is hilarious and in my current most fav movie 21 Jump Street
He is super cute too.
Kristen Wiig!
Hello did you see Bridesmaids.
 Ian Sommerhadler (Damon) from The Vampire Diaries
It was a toss up between him and Stefan but bad boys are more fun right
That is why I married my husband... he is a bad boy.
 Wentworth Miller (Michael Schofield) from Prison Break.
He is so cute!
He is a BAMF.
I love his facial expressions!

And last but certainly not least (as he is my #1 crush)
Lil Wayne!
He is hot.
He is a rapper, and I love his scruffy voice.

Dont Judge Me.

Just Peachy

Link up your Top 5 Celebrity Crushes!


  1. Prison Break!! Loved that show. And looking at him :)

  2. Blake Lively is the ultimate girl crush. I just want to be her best friend! And steal her wardrobe :)

  3. Haha! Oh Tere, I just love reading your blog! Your list is SO diverse - I must say, well done!

  4. i thought i was the only one who LOVED Wentworth Miller! he really is so cute!


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