Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dream Board

Dream Board.

If you have ever seen or read The Secret then you may know what I am referring to when I say Dream Board (also called Vision Board). If you are interested in learning about The Secret go to For some reason it wont let me link it. Some of you may love it, some may not. Keep an open mind:)

These boards are suppose to help keep your goals, wants, and wishes in mind. I like to do them every six months. I find that making a dream board every six months rather than every year helps me to accomplish the goals, and wishes that I have easier. Also because I have slight OCD, I also like to categorize my boards.

So I present to you, My July Dream Board

Participate in a Cycling and Running event
Buy and eat ALL of a Bountiful Basket
Run more.


Get my concealed weapons permit, and shorts like this for running
Take more pictures
Rebuild our savings
Support the husband more in the Bicycle Shop (He is truly amazing)
Take Armani & Sam to the dog park more

 We live so close to so many beautiful places. I would like to take advantage of the following:
Pine Valley
Angels Landing in Zions
Zion Waterfalls
Park City

Usually I find magazines and cut out all sorts of photos and quotes. It was easier to do this on the computer. Also I would normally have a baby or something to that effect, but right now I am off the baby train. For a while anyway, not forever. Sorry to my mother and grandmother:)

Now, I challenge all of you to make a dream board of your own and let me know so I can check out your goals, wants, and wishes:)

Photos were found through google and pinterest.
XOXO, Tere


  1. great boards! i love the spandex with the holder for a gun. the exercise boards are great motivation for sure

  2. i'm a the secret fiend! you should read Remembering Wholeness. its INSANE! teaches really good law of attraction techniques :)

  3. love it! I had never heard of the secret before, but I know it can be so inspirational to put together a collage of inspiring images :)

  4. My husband lives by the secret. I think there is something to it, because he is the most positie person ever, NEVER allows negativity or stress into his life. Vision boards are such a good idea! I used to make them when I was in high school (total dork), I need to pick it back up and make another one!


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