Thursday, June 21, 2012

Those nights

Sometimes you have those nights where your husband or significant other is sound asleep right next to you, and you hate them for it. These are the nights I contemplate waking him up so he can be as miserable as me. But then I remember that he works 13 hour days, every day. So I just let him sleep, and I just lay staring at him like a creep.

So you are the lucky ones that get to listen read my late night ramblings and thoughts.

Being married is weird I can't believe it's been 3 years.
I have been a house owner for 3 whole years.
I have been living with a MAN for 3 whole years.
Being as grown up as possible.
Being a housewife.

Is William really going to be 30 next year?
I better start planning a party.
Shoot we better start popping out babies!

I can't believe it is almost July.
Where does time go?
I wish I was still a kid.
No worries, jobs, just boy crushes and teepeeing houses.
Hmmm.. Maybe I can get William to go toilet papering with me this weekend! Probably not. Any takers?

Today my friend said "I cant wait until there are little Shake babies running around".
All I can think now is "me either".
But then I wise up and remember why we don't have Shake babies yet.

I really liked my clients hair that i did tonight. I hope she did too.
We did the ombré look, I'm obsessed with it.

Sam snores really loud.

Why is it so HOT!

I can't wait for Saturday.
24 hours in Pine Valley with my love. Just us and the canines.
I guess toilet papering will have to wait.

Why did my sprinklers just turn on. What a weird time to water the lawn.

I have to do extensions tomorrow at The Resort. I'm nervous.

Why am I hiding under the sheets? Not like William isn't dead asleep or anything.

Maybe that's why it's so hot, I'm under the sheet.

Dear eyeballs,
Please get tired.I am ready to fall asleep, and sick of being the only one awake.
Almost as sick as these fellow bloggers are of these ramblings.

XOXO, Tere


  1. Are you my twin because this is just me when I can't sleep (well I don't watch your husband sleep, because that would be weird). I love the new layout, lady! :)

    1. well i bet you think about watching him sleep though right?!? he is pretty handsome:)

  2. ha you're funny. I've done the ombre style before. It was so cool! And extensions take forever, but good money eh? Oh yeah I just went Canadian on you! :)

    I hate it when Dave sleeps like a log and I can't sleep at all! It's so frustrating and it brings out my jealous side. Hope you sleep better tonight!

  3. are all men like this...because I'm seeing a trend. insomnia is the pits huh!?


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