Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Fun.

This was our Grand Opening Day! How glorious it was. It went so good. I was a little nervous. All the questions of "did we do this, or should we have done that" started coming to mind. But it was awesome. We had the radio station there, pizza, and great friends.

Also, The Wurtele's were there signing shirts, stickers, and everything else. They are a husband-wife duo that are Professional Triathletes. They were so cute, and so down to Earth.

Husband doing work.
A little bit of the shop. This is the Mechanics bay.
This is the Wurtele's. Are they not the cutest ever?

It was a great first day.

Sunday we could NOT get our lazy butts out of bed. But it was Mother's Day and we had to go church:) I am glad we did. Our ward did the typical "primary program". But then they also had EVERY MAN in the congregation go up. This included all adult men, the whole primary, and all the young men. They sang Mother's Day songs. It was so fun to watch William up there, not singing. haha.

William made me a card in class:

Isn't he just the sweetest?!? haha.

Then we had a fantastic dinner with my mother. Seriously, so good. Then just relaxed. It was  a great day. Sadly no pictures were taken because we all looked homeless in our P.J.'s.

I am so thankful for my mother no matter how crazy she is!

List of things I love about my mother dear:
Always willing to help
Great advice
Examble of unconditional love
She adopted me :)
Her laugh
Her red hair

There are more but here is just a small list:)

Happy (late) Mother's Day to all you women out there, and all you women that are mothers in your heart.
Hope it was one for remembering.

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  1. I love that card!! So funny! Congrats on the store opening! It looks amazing!!


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