Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 years baby.

When you get married no one really tells you how HARD it is going to be. It is something that you have to work at. Something that you never stop working at. You are always trying to better yourself, and trying to tell the other to better themselves:) It is the hardest thing that you will do in life. The first little while that we were married I couldnt believe what I had gotten myself into. I wanted out. It was so hard to let go of everything that you did by yourself and to share it with someone else.
Like your expenses. I am a NAZI when it comes to money. I have always worked hard for what I earned, and I would save every penney! I never spent money, its just how I was. So marrying William who is a Spend-A-Holic gave me anxiety. It still does. I have tried so hard to let it go, and to be more relaxed but it is one of our biggest fights. (Which is the case of most marriages and divorces).
Another thing is ALL that freaking laundry. Holy cow, I promise that you can wear your jeans at least 2 times. They are not dirty. I promise that those socks dont fold themselves, and since I dont wear socks, looks like your the folder. It is awful. We always have SO much laundry and I dont know how it gets there. Its always 80% his and 20% mine. Its crazy!
Shaving. Is it that hard to wipe the sink with some water after? I think not.

But with all the bad comes a ton of good. (I think that is in a song?, oh it is in a Nicki Minaj song:))
So here is a list of all the good:
He is there to cuddle me at night
To rub my back when I am sick
To tell me I am being a pain in the ass
To make those mid-night runs to anywhere with ice-cream
To give me kisses
To hold my hand
To calm me down if I am nervous
To always life me up
To teach me of the gospel
To push me to always do my best
And always encouraging me
To teach me how to shoot a gun
To love me, even if I cant/dont cook
He dances with me
He is a great person to laugh with
To one day be my baby's daddy
Great travel partner
Always giving me surprises
He is a fighter
Never gives up

There are a ton more, and I could go on and on.. but I'll stop here.

So now you will be Photo-Bombed. Enjoy.

The dating life. William was a true gentleman most of the time:) He would open doors, hold my hand and was always goofy.
These were our engagements. I love them.

The Wedding. It was beautiful. Its so refreshing to know that I will have this man for all time and eternity. Also a little frightening. Hopefully there are cleaning ladies up in heaven because if I have to clean his shavings off the sink for eternity, I'll have to kill him.


Honeymooners. We went to the Dominican Republic. It was gorgeous.

Family Photos. (Note: The short hair, shaved it)

Family Photos. Isnt he handsome?

New Year's party.

Crusin'. Just our normal personality.

Family Photos

"If something ain't worth fighting for, then it's not worth keeping it"-Unknown

We have had our ups, and our downs. But there is no one in this whole world I'd rather share them with. So lets keep up this fight, no matter what comes our way. Because you darling, are worth keeping.
Happy 3rd year anniversary lover. Here's to eternity.

XOXO, Tere


  1. LOVE THIS!!! i can't wait til i've been married for three years. you guys are awesome, and your hair is just fantastic. convince my husband to let me do blonde and red in my hair, please? i'd appreciate it.

    1. I don't know why this looks so weird when I reply but just know its from me:)
      Red is so fun. You just have to be careful with the blonde it turned pink the first few days after I colored it. But always faded. It was my mist favorite though!

  2. This made me laugh! The shavings, I TOTALLY understand and you aren't alone! Way to fight for what you want! Wait until it's been 10 years (it may seem far away but when you get there it seems like it was quick) or even more. Great post!

    And crock pots can be your best friend! ;)

    1. I have heard that about crock pots. I have never used one. I wouldn't even know how to turn it on!

  3. Happy 3 years! I thought the first 2 or so years were the hardest and it kept getting better. We are 5 years this year and the past 2 years have been the best yet!

    1. Oh thank you! I am so glad I'm not the only one! Can't wait for 5 years can you say right hand ring! Haha

  4. Holy 3 years! That is awesome. Married is being hard, I was telling my husband last night that he needs to give up more of his independent thinking because we are a couple legit now. We have the same money issue too, I am a saver and he is a spender. Which kind of works out because he makes more than I do, so we are always covered, but the anxiety is there for sure. Anyway you two are an adorable sweet lovely couple! I LOVE your family photos. I want to kiss your dogs... on the lips.

    1. Oh william and I had that same talk. He would have friends over all hours of the night. I finally had to remind him he wasn't a bachelor any more. That surprised him! Ha.
      Oh Miki come kiss their lips anytime. Especially Sam. He has big slobbery lips to embrace your face:)no really, its gross.

      Again why does this look so weird. Ignore it:)

  5. Happy 3 years!!!! You guys are so cute together! You seem like a very fun couple!

    1. Ah thanks I like to think we are:) ha you and your boy need to get married, your way cuter than us:)

  6. Wow, sounds like our husbands have the same issues :) all of those things drive me crazy!!! haha
    Happy 3 years!

  7. Matt does the exact same things, ha! So annoying. Still love him though. Happy 3 years, that went by fast! Love your new family pics by the way.

  8. okay, you both are absolutely perfect! loved looking back at all these old photos. happy 3 years!!!
    xo TJ


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