Wednesday, May 30, 2012

M.I.A / Instalife

Missing in Action

Oh my. While it has been forever since I have last posted, I hope you can forgive me. You see I have this thing where I dont post on the weekends/ holidays due to the fact that I am either sleeping in, or loving on my hubby. So here goes.

Memorial Day Weekend: While we didnt do anything extravagant we still had a lot of fun.

Here is our weekend through Instagram: Follow me, @TereShake

Friday night we went to the Midnight 5k. It was so much fun.. and cold.

This is Sam. He is the head mechanic at the shop.
Midnight 5k.

I got new running shoes. I love them. They are so light weight and much better than the huge tennis shoes that I have been wearing from middle school. Recently I have started running, and I LOVE IT. I have not been a runner, I used to hate it, but I had  a friend that got me into it, and have loved it ever since. I know that its not a big deal to you guys, but last week I ran my first mile without stopping.. TWICE. Huge accomplishment for me:)

Oh Samuel, you disgust me. Almost as much as the fact that my windows dont clean themselves.
Samuel wins for longest lugi (sp?)
But how can you be upset with such big puppy eyes like that?

Dont be jealous that the back of my hair is touching my sholders.
Its been a good 2 years since this has happened.
And I just decided I'm going back blonde and hopefully it doesnt fry it to the point where I'll have to cut it..

This is what I am going back to. Do you like it, or LOVE it?

Well thats all for this post, love you all.

XOXO, Tere


  1. LOVED your hair like that! And ya know a little fry job never hurt anyones hair, that's what deep conditioners are for! :)

  2. love your blog :):) all of your pics are great! please come check out my blog some time :D

  3. Yes, LOVE the blonde.
    I miss being able to run! Ever since getting knocked up (ha ha) I can't freakin' run! I'm hoping it's easier in the second trimester (everyone says I'll get my energy back then) because I miss it!


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