Friday, January 13, 2012


First I want to say that I have never talked about my past life on here before. I have mentioned that I was adopted (which was the biggest blessing I have received), but that is as much as I have expressed. So for this post I have wrote something very personal, I don't write this to make you feel sorry for me, or to make you look at me different. I write it to show you the reason behind my inspiration, and my feelings as to why it was difficult to start what I have always wanted to do.

When I was 16 or 17 I had to do 50 hours of community service. I was "sentenced" to help at the St. George Animal Shelter. I was so excited, I felt like time would fly by. I knew that I was going to LOVE it there. Spending time with all the animals and playing the whole time. Piece of Cake right? Not at all. Every night I came home, tears running down my face, and a broken heart. I felt the pain those animals were in, I could relate to them. Living in a shelter, people coming and "trying" you out like you were a pair of shoes, only to be taken back to the shelter because they didn't "fit" quite right. The feeling of being alone with no one but your imaginary friends. The thought that maybe you weren't good enough, trying to change your personality, and everything that makes you, you in hopes that maybe someone will like that you rather than the real you. It was awful. I cried for them, I wanted to help them as much as I could, but it put me in a bad place. So needless to say I was transferred to another community care place. One away from the hurt. (This will tie into the rest of the post I promise)

So lately I have become, Inspired.

Definition: aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence.

To do better
To lose weight (this inspiration comes and goes. It comes while I watch the Biggest Loser and goes when I walk to my fridge.)
To be a better wife
To become a domestic goddess
To do laundry (because I suck at this)
To be better at each job

and the list goes on.

My "Divine Influence" came from one of my best friends Jaclyn. She did a post on her blog about why she helps animals. She goes on to talk about how she does it for them, and how in return she is filled with joy. She talks about how it sometimes makes her sad to see the faces of those animals in the shelter with no one to love them but the volunteers. How she knows that she can be the hope for them, that she knows she cant save them all, but that she can change a day in that animals life.

Another "Divine Influence" came to me while watching a commercial. It was a girl talking about why she is a Oceanic Activist. She challenged viewers to find a cause and support that cause.

I have always wanted to do more, to become an animal activist. I have always been scared. Scared of how it would make ME feel, how it did make ME feel, how it took a toll on MY emotions, and on MY heart. (Are you starting to see a pattern here?)

After reading Jaclyn's post it made me realize how selfish I was being. I was thinking of my own feelings, and not wanting to get hurt. I never took into consideration how much of a difference I would be making in the life of that animal that I helped. So I have decided that I will start to help those animals in need, that I can make a difference in their life even if its for one day.

I have done some research on how to start and what to do, and I am so excited to start helping.

I have in my own way helped animals in need. My family has a "disease" that they call Tere Syndrome. Tere Syndrome is when some one you know (ME) brings home every dog that is "homeless" and try to find their owners. They always joke and say that I would pick a dog up out of someones yard and bring it home because it was "lost". I will admit I do tend to pick up dogs that are wandering around. You never know if it has a home, or a family, or anything. So I stop traffic to get the dog in my car and try and find out where their family is. More than a few times I admit that I have picked up my neighbors dog and called them to see where this poor puppy belongs and sure enough its the neighbor 2 houses up:) But you never know right! And it gave me a chance to meet some of my neighbors, even if they do think were the CRAZY ones on the street.

I just wanted to share this with you and to keep a diary of this for myself as well. I am not good with the write your feelings and thoughts on paper:)

Please follow Jaclyn's, the commercial lady, and my lead and find a cause that fits you and your life style. There is always someone or something in need of help and we can make the difference in their life. Even if its just for a day.

SIDE NOTE: I have discovered the wonderful thing called blurb where you can print off your blog into a book. Which is fantastic, and will save me the time, money, and ink of printing off every post and making my own book. I could not be more excited for this. Check it out if you haven't yet, it will BLOW YOUR MIND:)

Love, Tere Shake


  1. I had no idea you were adopted. How great that you found something that you are passionate about doing that will help out! I am the exact same way with animals. It drove my parents crazy growing up, but they tug on your heart strings don't they? Glad to see you blogging again, I have missed ya!

  2. They SO do. ha thanks I am trying to keep up on it! We will see how well that goes.

  3. Wow - you are such an amazing person Tere!
    Thank you for inspiring me with your post.
    Lots of Love


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