Monday, June 20, 2011

update... part 1

So mostly I have decided that I will only have time for a once a month update. We are both working alot now a days. William is pretty busy working at Design to Print, and working for Spin Geeks on the weekends, and some week day nights. I have been working my 3 jobs (Taylor Andrews Academy, Bingham and Snow Law, and Hair)and am loving all of them. I will be starting to teach the night freshman class tomorrow which means I will be working Monday-Thursday till 10pm each night. I will also still be at B&S Monday-Thursday 2-5, and Fridays at Taylor Andrews. So we will be pretty dang busy. But I LOVE it.

For our 2 year anniversary we decided to do something a little more chill (how much more chill can you be when your first year was spent at your husbands bike race...) We woke up at 6am and headed to downtown STG for a charity bike race. It was my first race, so I was really excited. It was 30 miles and so fun. We finished in about 2 hours. We then headed to 25 Main for some of the best oatmeal breakfast ever! We then packed up the Canines and headed to Zions. We went through the tunnel up there, and took the boys on a hike. It was alot of fun. We found a few river spots where Sam just jumped right in the water, and Armani ran as far as his leash would let him away from the water. It was so fun. After that we went to dinner at Benja's. Its so yummy.
ha we may or may not have thrown him in.
It was a great day. I am so thankful for my hubby and for the 2 years we have spent together. Cant wait for the next million. :)

We headed to Vegas for the first Indie Music Fest held in a park there. It had 2 stages full of un-named, un-signed bands. It was great to see all the talent out there. The Higher played that night also. Im afraid to say they have gotten a lot worse but it was still an OK show. We did however find a few bands that were amazing. My favorite was LOVESICK RADIO. They were hilarious and their music was great.
The cute hubster.
Our "yummy" boxed lunch. (it wasnt amazing)
Seth from The Higher.

So I have more to this post but it will be a separate post because I dont want to drag all the pictures down to the bottom :) so to be continued... (although you will read the second post before this one...hmm didnt think this one through)

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