Wednesday, November 3, 2010

how fast a month goes by...

Wow. Its been over a month since I have updated our blog. SLACKER for sure. We have been so busy we hardly have time to breath!

William is doing great at his work, they are moving to a new building and always gaining more clients. He is so good at what he does.He is planning to start working on Billie (his new nova) and is taking a trip with the Young Mens up to provo this weekend to watch the BYU vs. UNLV football game. (and no I am not going)

I got my dream job as an instructor at Taylor Andrews Academy and I love it. I have only been working there for almost a month but I know its what I want to do for a VERY long time. I am still working at the Law Firm, and also doing my clients. SO needless to say I also am very busy. Some days I work 15 hour days. Which I love. I love to work and always have work. The hardest part about being an instructor is trying to learn everyones names. I am pretty good with names if you leave a good/goofy/odd impression but if your shy and quiet I have no clue who you are. So I do know a few girls since most girls in hair school are goofy/ odd/ crazy/ fun/ and insane. Another part wouldbe having to tell girls what to do. Ifeel like I am being mean some days, but at the same time its like you didnt pay $10,000 or more to come to school and sit on your phone. So that isalso a hard part. But the rewards out weigh the challenges. I love being able to show a student something new. I love to watch their face expressions as something finally clicks. I think we have amazing students at Taylor Andrews and I cant wait till I can be a great instructor. Its hard work to learn :)

We both are just living and loving. We went to Las Vegas for Halloween with my sister and her husband. We stayed at hooters hotel (which was AWFUL) we went to the Palms Pool to an invite only party. We watched the Jose Quervo games which is kinda like Wipeout. Then there was an after show by Florida. He wasamazing. I think because it was an invite/ private party he was a lot more relaxed. They handed out sombreros and mustaches and sunglasses to everyone. So everyone had a stache and a hat. It wasfunny. After that we went up to the play boy club and saw the amazing view from up there. It was gorgeous. We ended up leaving after the view because it was so packed, andwe all had to get up early. But it was a great Halloween.
The games...

Brit and I. aka Greek Godess and Marine.
Mi Amore
The Group.

We had a blast. Needless to say...

What is happening to us in the next few months??

Tere is getting a new bike.
William is going to a football game.
Thanksgiving Feast with a cheesecake from New York.
Christmas Parties.
A cruise in February.. Over Valentines day.
My birthday in March.

Thats about it for now..

Love, Tere Shake

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