Tuesday, September 28, 2010

California and Lake Powell

Lake Powell was a blast this time. We had lots of friends and family to entertain us the whole time. I loved it. Will and I went down Tuesday and stayed till Saturday. It was such a nice getaway from work, and life. We had a blast and memories were made.

yes, ladies this man is available.
She is amazing. I love Annie.

This is Annie's mother.. now you know where she gets her Crazyness from.

Me and Jord. LOVE her!
Dad.. doing business... haha

This is how Will and I entertain ourselves when no one else is around....

Playing dead...

We went to California a 2 weekends ago to go to my cousins farewell. He did awesome, and we had such a blast. Thanks to the Andreason family!!

These are 2 of my bestest friends. I love my mother and grandma!

all dressed up for church!

Love, Tere Shake

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