Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trip up north.. and astronaut food?

So while William was in Texas he came across this Astronaut Food. Its been dehydrated and when you eat it your saliva re- hydrates it. So he brought me home a ice cream sandwhich. It was yummy. A little different but for the most part tasted exactly like a real one. Here it is in picture form.

Will and I made our way up north to a bike race that was happening in Sanpete. William rode this race with my Aunt Shannon, Uncle Ron, and Steve. While he was doing his biking thing Grandma and I went and got pedicures, and did some shopping. We even got to drive grandpas corvette. It was a blast. We went to dinner that night, then church on sunday, then drove home. It was a fast trip but a fun one. I only got a few pictures and they were on the ride home because i was so deathly bored.

Welp thats all for now.

Things were looking forward to:
Getting our Family (Will and Tere) done TONIGHT
WonderWomen bike race in September
Tour de St. George in October
Halloween and decorating for this holiday
Thanksgiving and decorating for Fall
Getting Family pictures (whole family) done in November!
Getting my own bike and gear hopefully this month or next
Selling our old truck and buying a new one. (we need to sell our old one, we already got our new one)
Lake Powell the week of Sep. 20th (yes a whole week! I am excited.)
December.. all of December
Thats all so far this year. We have a few things planned for next year, but ill mention those when we get closer :)

Love, Tere Shake

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