Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Will's bike race

This last weekend William rode it the Saints to Sinners tour. Just guess what and where that was to.. Yup Saints meaning Salt Lake Cityand Sinners meaning Las Vegas! Total miles is 507! He joined a team who are from Salt lake and started his journey on Friday. He was so excited and completly nervous. But can you blame him? He had a blast. My mother and I went and helped at the aid stations and had a blast. It was a LONG 48hours of driving but so much fun. We started our journey saturday at 1 am. We worked in theaid station in enterprise from 1am-4am. Then I dropped my mother off at home and made my way to the next aid station alone in Overton. I worked that one from 7am-12pm. It was fun. Then I made my way to the finish line. Here are some photos of Will and his Team.





Will's stats were
Total Milage: 118 Miles
New personal best 26 miles an hour and held for 8 miles on flat road
Calories lost: 5091
Favorite part about the race: Riding in the pitch black night just hearing the tires of his bike on the road. (he says.. whata rush)

He had a blast and cant wait for next year. I am starting to train, and hopefully will be able to join him next time..

Love, Tere Shake

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