Monday, July 12, 2010

Lake Powell

Lake Powell this year was a blast. We had a smaller group than usual but it was so much fun. We invited the Alisa's out with us, as well as our friend/ little brother Taylor. He was the only single one there, but we loved having him with us. We played on the boat, and also the jet skiis. It was so fun to watch everyone on the toys we had. Here are a few of the pictures that were taken, and I say few because we didnt really take a whole lot.
Armani kept running after the other dogs so we had to tie him up. Sad pup.
Jess and Kamu! Super cute couple, they made the trip!

We decided instead of moving out house boat out to use our slide we would hop on the other guys boat next to us. It was so fun!
This would be William. Goofy kid!
Jess taking a turn.
Ha Becky trying to plug her nose as she takes the plunge!
Kamu going.. not even nervous.
Bobs motorized boat. It was so fun to drive around in the marina.
Nap time for Taylor.
My hair is just really great in this picture. Although I did find out I can fit my hair in pigtails if I really try!

Captain Bob! He was awesome, and always a great captain. Love you and thank you for the great weekend with friends and family. You and Beck are the bestest!

Now were resting up to go again in September! Who's with us? (no really if you wanna come just say:) )

Love, Tere Shake


  1. Neal and I are in!!! I say we do the springs camping trip next month and then powell in september!!! yaya? :) We're finally back in town so maybe I'll see you tonight!

  2. If you want me to go all you have to do is ask... GEEZ BFF! ;)


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