Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July weekend

How cool would it be to look outside every morning and see these laying in your grass and walking in your back yard?

I would love that, my grandparents get it everyday in Bountiful, Utah.

Watching fire works on the hill! Best spot to watch them. They were right at eye level and were phenomenal. Love Fire works!
This is Will in grandpas porsche. He is trying to sell it if you want it, if we had the money we would snatch it right up. Will LOVES this car!

Car Show in Logan

We went to a car show with the grandparents and our uncle larry and aunt lynn. It was so much fun to see all the cars and all the wanna be cars. In this car show there is about 11,000 cars! (maybe it was 1,100. I am pretty sure it was 11,000) We had so much fun looking and deciding what we liked, didnt like and got some great ideas for the little nova. Now we just need to start saving like crazy to start the work on the nova!

We had a great weekend with the grandparents. We even got to see our cute great grandma anderson this trip. Its always so fun to see her cute face. We ate watermelon, watched fire works, went golfing, watched Yankee Doodle, and played some board games. Thank you grandma and grandpa for being such great sports and doing what we wanted this weekend. We love you and cant wait to see you next time.

Were off to lake powell thursday morning! Cant wait. Pictures to come.

Love, Tere Shake

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