Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Fun

We started the Weekend off by going to the Days of Camelot thing out at the Fair Grounds. It was ok. We watched jousting, fed animals, watched belly dancing, and saw some gypsies undies hanging from their tent. It was a blast. Erin and Neal joined us for this adventure and Erin LOVED the belly dancing. She says she is gonna try and practice it. :) We payed to much for fresh squeezed lemonade and for the biggest scone I have ever seen. But memories were made and we had a blast, and that is all that matters!

For Memorial Day we went to our Cabin in Pine Valley. It was a blast. My parents, brother, and Grandma Richards all came up too. It was nice to just hangout and relax and do absolutley nothing besides eat! We went on Four Wheeler rides, played games, and watched movies. Our Friends Erin and Neal also came up, but I didnt get any Pictures with them, so ill have to steal some from Erin when she does her post. Either way we had a blast!

We made a fire (and by we I mean my mother and I) and cooked smores. Mmmm I love me some Smores! We played horse shoes, and even Armani rode the four wheelers. He loved it too!

Well thats bout it. Ill post pictures from the Days of Camelot and also more from the weekend when Erin does her post (ahem hint hint erin)

love Tere Shake

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  1. Days of Camelot, probably the strangest thing I have been to! Ha ha!


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