Monday, June 28, 2010

just things

We would like to welcome 2 new things into our WillnTere family. Will got his great grandmothers car Billie. She is a 71' Nova (i think that could be wrong) but she is a beauty. She was passed down to his grandmother Jackie, then to his auntie Susan, then to him. Were going to restore the whole thing to factory. Nothing more, nothing less. Its going to be amazing when were done.

Then last week, I decided spur of the moment, that I was going to buy William a new truck for work. So I went searching on a wednesday, and bought him the truck thursday. It was a good find... Its a 97' F150. Has minor bumps and bruises but hey its only a work truck, and he is going to wrap it so you will never be able to tell. Its a nice truck minus the fact that it will only play tapes. But its still a dream. He will have his work truck, and I will be able to keep driving my element rather than switching 2 times a week so he can go to Vegas. Its a win win..

So now we have 4 cars in our WillnTere family, and 2 jet skiis. I would say were pretty spoiled. Best part is we have NO debt. (Besides the house.) That is one of Will's very best qualities, is if you dont have the money for it, dont buy it. So we saved a little and bought what we wanted. Next is hopefully a new car for me. Not sure what kind yet, but it will be amazing. I told Will the other day that I felt like my parents, we have to move all 4 cars just to get the jet skiis out of the dang garage. At my parents you have to do pretty much the same thing. Its musical cars. All the neighbors joke that if they ever need a car they can go to "Bob's Car Lot" to borrow one, since they have 8 vehicles. So were catching up to them!


We got the jet skiis out last week and had a blast on them. We bought a year pass to the lakes, since we plan to go at least 2-3 times a week. SO if your wanna go give us a call! But were losers and didnt take any pictures of them. SOoo we then went out on Saturday and still didnt get any pictures on them. But we did get a few on the beach. We went out with our friends Tiffany and Ben. They are so much fun and are not afraid of the jet skiis which is always a plus. We had good laughs and ate yummy foods! We brought Armani with us and he hated the water. Absolutley had the worst time of his life. But it made ours more enjoyable. We bought him a life jacket and it fits so cute with a handle on top, you can carry him like a purse. Its funny. So enjoy these pictures... Sorry none of Will, ill get some next time for sure.

Tiff and Ben..

Me and Armani. Isnt that funny?

Love, Tere Shake

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