Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback Friday?

So Will and I stayed at my parents last night to dog sit Holly, and while on the computer I came across these OLD pictures. Like from 2006. Decided to share.

Since these pictures, So much has changed. I am married, have super short and super blonde hair. Chris has lost a million pounds, and is much older now. Bob looks pretty much the same, besides the fact that he has also lost a million pounds. Becky looks way different, she has long hair now and its more of a strawberry blonde with blonde in it. Grandma and Grandpa Duncan look the same. Grandpa Richards has passed away, and Grandma Richards is still her cute self.

So maybe not a TON has changed physically but life sure has changed. Crazy to look back at it all now. But to look back with no regrets is a good thing :) I love my family and all that they do for me, as well as for each other.

P.S. I wish I didnt cut all my hair off.. I miss the long hair, looking at these pictures..

Love, Tere Shake

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