Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If you read this post.. Then you must comment!


So maybe on Sunday while sitting in church, Will tells me hey you should cut your hair off. I laughed at first at his "joke". Well he was not joking. He said he watched this P!nk video (funhouse) on Fuse the other day and loved her hair. So he said I should cut it like that... Well its a Faux hawk. I have wanted to cut my hair into one for a while now.. but never had the guts to. So yesterday I went over to color my friends hair at her shop.. Well William said to just hurry and do it! (i was gonna wait till October -ish) So I mustered up the courage and just told her to do it! I was freakin out the whole time.. Maybe said some choice words, dont hold it against me. Anyways this is the out come. Please tell me what you think.. as if it matters its already done and no extentions can fix this.. but i would still love to know!

Yes i am in the car in both of these pictures. haha

Ok. So now tell me what you think. Do you think that Will and I are going to look like a couple of boys walking down the street? Do you think that I am the cuter boy? Do you think that I should just get a Sex Change now? Or do you think it looks freakin cute?

Will is in love with it! He cant stop looking at me. He says its so so sexy! But what does he know right? haha. I am so glad that he likes it tho cuz I was a little nervous. I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband that like short short hair! Most boys hate it and wish their girlfriends/ wifes would grow their hair out! I absolutly love it as well. I needed a change for a while now, and wasnt sure if color would be enough. I was starting to feel like I was loosing my spotaneous moves. So I am so glad that I did this. I know this sounds lame but I feel like I am fun again. If that makes sense..

On a sad note, I am pretty sure my parents dont like it. I walked in and said I chopped my hair off. My mother didnt say one thing, and my father said "ya, ya you did" and that was the end of it haha. My brother David loves it! My brother Chris didnt say anything either. But o well.

Anyways.. Let me know. and speak honestly. Please. I can handle Compliments, and harsh ones too!!!


  1. it looks super cute tere! it's totally you 100%!! im so glad will likes it! i wish i was as brave as you! but alas.... i am not!

  2. Tere! I think you totally pull it off!! It's very cute on you!!! I would never do it cause I just know it wouldn't work on me! But you look so freakin cute!!! I'm glad your hubby loves it!! In the end thats what really matters! Right?!?!

  3. I REALLY like it! I actually LOVE it! You really look good with short hair! That is so sweet of your husband to even voice his opinion, Dallas could careless!

  4. Tere! Its looks cute and it totally fits your personality hahah your so funny you 2 will not look like two boys walking down the street. unless you decide to wear all his clothes and act like one hahah!

  5. Totally love it T!!!! josh came home and said tere cut her hair and its rad it really is!!!!!

  6. probably should have left it alone....

  7. BWAHAHAHA I FREAKIN' LOVE IT!! It's totally you! You can pull it off, and I think you look like a hot rockstar.

    p.s. you are the cuter boy

  8. ha thanks riley. maybe i should just go get my sex change now and kill myself. you would be held responsible!


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