Friday, September 4, 2009

Date night

So I worked till about 5 ish last night. When I got home I walked in to this set up and my hubby outside in the rain making shish- ka- bobs. (I cant spell worth crap. So that is me spelling it out) Anyways he had dinner all set up, with our bubbly. It was so cute. He made Tofu Shish-ka-bobs with peppers, onion, and delicious sauce, also yummy rice and our drinks. So good. Such a sweet hubby. I was stoked!

These were the yummy ka bobs!

Our whole meal set up! (he had a nice outside set up at first, but the rain ruined it.

Once dinner was over I suggested we go ride in the wash in the go-kart in the rain! Fun right? Absolutly not. First off it was so fun, getting all muddy and drifting in the dirt. Then the go kart started to spudder and die. So we get it going and it was going really well, then died again. So I tried to push it while will gave it gas, bad idea... who knew that the motor was a KAZILLION degrees and would burn right straight thru 12320000 layers of skin? I sure as heck didnt. But it did, to my leg. So i have this huge burn on my thigh from our adventure. Not only did we not get it running again, we had to push the stupid thing home. It killed to wash off my burn, but i had to shower. Any ways here are some pictures.

So after Will got me bandaged up and I stopped crying! We went out to finish our date night and played risk for like 2 hours, didnt finish the game, gave the game a rest, and watch Kyle XY in bed. It was such a fun night. I am glad I have an amazing Hubby!
This was our game set up.. Yes Will is kicking my butt!

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  1. how fun! i cant wait til Jers done with all his training so we can enjoy this stuff again:)...


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