Friday, July 10, 2009

Free Photo Shoot

Yes. Free. What could be better?

My Boss Alisha Shaw has been doing Photography for some time now, and I must say she is absolutly amazing at it! I had just got a Photo Session Gift Card for my mother around mothers day and I am so excited to get Family Photo's done by this great Photographer. Check her website out at She does amazing pictures of all occasions weddings, new borns, family, senior pictures, and more.

She is running a great deal right now for a free photo shoot. It is actually for a good cause also. All you do is nominate someone that you know is a little tight for money and in need of new family photo's, or doesnt have money to get their Senor photo's done or any case like that. Let her know who, and why, then post on your blog or face book about this and you could even have the chance to win!

I know I would love to win a free photo shoot! It would be very nice! And best of all its FREE!

Some restrictions apply, check out her website for full details on this amazing offer!

On a more personal note.. Will and his friend eric got the Go-Kart running. AKA Project Sylar. Pictures to come. He couldnt be more happier and acting more like a 12 year old at this point about it. Its funny. I love him.

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  1. Hey I found your blog.. let's be blogger buddies aight? :) -Ciara


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