Monday, June 1, 2009

Were Home!

Warning: Super long post ahead.

OK. so talk about an amazingly fun honeymoon! To bad its over already! I am pretty positive we both gained a good 10lbs. Not even kidding. We plan to diet for the next eternity!

At this amazing all in exclusive resort they have this little thing we like to call an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET. For breakfast, lunch, and yep you guessed it.. dinner also. So for 8 days straight we ate. They had interesting food.. alot of french food which was a tomato slice with cheese on it. Weird. Lots of fish that Will enjoyed. (and i had to smell :() Cheese salad, lots of veggies, a buffet for just desserts, and so much more.

We first got there the first night and lucky us it was raining soo hard that it freaking flooded half the resort. The whole thing is outside. They only time you have 4 walls around us, was our suite we were staying in. So first night the lobby the buffet area, and even some of the rooms were flooded. IT was funny mostly. Thank goodness it only rained the first night. The rest of the days were clear, sunny, hot, and humid days! It was so fun.

We layed out at the beach/pool every day. Got amazing tans, and watch all the European ladies walk around without swim suit tops. Seriously. They don't wear swimming suit tops. Talk about saggy-ness. I was surprised. Ha. We drank pina coladas, sex on the beach, and strawberry daiquiris. So yummy. *funny story* So as were ordering our non- alcholic drinks Will orders a martini with no alc. Well needless to say the waitress laughed at him and called him pretty much stupid. He ordered and she said.. "Did you read what is in the drink?" He shakes his head. She says "You cant get it without alc. the first ingredients is alc." Ha he was soo embarrassed.

One day which pretty much tops the rest of the days was when we went swimming with the sting rays, and sharks! SOo amazing. We had a underwater camera so sadly those pictures wont be up for a bit. But soo fun. We held the sting rays, and they ran them across our backs. They are the slimiest little things ever. And some of them were HUGE! The sharks we swam with were huge too. Some of them were taller than Will. Aint gonna lie I was a bit freaked out. But our snorkel guide we had was amazing. He took right to Will and I and for the most part it was like we were on this little excursion by our self with a private snorkel guide. He took all of our pictures for us, and of us. He let us touch the sharks which was not allowed. And was soo much fun. After the sharks we went to a reef. Which was huge. Our guide gave us bread and had us swim down and let go of the bread and there were a million fish swimming around us. Big ones, Little ones, and all colors. It was an amazing experience to share with an amazing, and not to mention SEXY man of my dreams.

We went and visited the "Cheapy Cheapy" flea market there. And bought a few things to remember our trip together to the Dominican Republic. They tell you everything is "Cheapy Cheapy" just for us. HA! It was fun. The day that we spent $50 bucks on a taxi ride to the market was the freakin day that the market came to the resort. We could have saved that $50 bucks. But its all good.

So all in all we had an amazing time in the Dominican. And would not have changed on thing.

Now here is our tragic part of our trip.. We are all packed baggage checked in waiting for our flight at the Dominican airport when they tell us that our plane has been delayed. So Will Jinx us and says, "its ok you need one bad thing to go wrong to have a great trip" Well let me tell you that all hell broke loose. Our plane was delayed for 2 hours. We had another plane to catch from Florida to Vegas right after we landed like we only had a hour to catch it. So with the first plane delayed we were nervous about catching this other plane to get home. Well while were on the plane to Florida the Captain comes on the speaker and tells us all that the planes were needing to catch will be held for us and will wait for us to get on them. So we were now calm and ok. We get off the plane.. run to get our other tickets and to check our bags in when the lady tells us the plane had just left!! We landed at 7:45 our next plane was scheduled to leave at 8:10. We checked in at about 8:20. They didn't hold the freakin plane and soo many people went ballistic. Yelling and Screaming. I being one of them for sure! I freaked right out. The man didn't like me. So after yelling and arguing they tell us that we will have to wait until Sunday night at 8:30 to get on the next flight to Vegas. Oh but that we will have to pay for our own hotel room and hang around for 24 hours for our next flight. So I freaked again. "Why do we have to pay for your screw ups!" I was livid. Needless to say we payed to stay in Florida for one night, left the hotel room around 1:00pm sat at the airport till 8:30. So when we went to check in I waited with the baggage and Will went to get out tickets. He talked with one of the Supervisors that was there the night before and he tells Will "Oh I remember you, you had a little blonde girl with you last night that was having a fit huh?" Will says "Ya that was my wife." Ha ha. Good thing I made a lasting impression. :) So they upgraded us to first class, we didn't have to pay to check our baggage on because Will refused to, they screwed up our flight so we were not going to pay for that!

We finally landed in Vegas and drove home. It was a very eventful week and a half. We got home about 3am. And both had to work at 8am this morning. Soo tired. And we still have a ton to do to get our home set up. We have a home that we own and have yet to sleep in it yet. Hopefully we can get the bed moved today so we can tonight. Will is working late tonight since he missed so much work.. so luckily I have an amazing family that can help me start the house today. Mostly my Mom :) Let me just tell you how amazing my family is.. So we were suppose to be in Vegas Saturday around 9 ish. My mom text me and asked if we had landed yet. Well needless to say we were delayed in the Dominican for those 2 hours.. so no we weren't. She informs us that they had been waiting at the Vegas airport waiting for us to get there because they missed us and wanted to see us. Super cute huh. But unfortunately we were delayed for 24 hours and they had to get back home. I love my family and also Wills family so much. They have both done a tremendous amount of things for us and i have no clue how were going to re- pay them.

Well that was our honey moon minus a few funny stories. If we happen to run across each others paths maybe ill tell you a few of them. Sorry for the long post. I just had to brag a little about our first out of the country trip we went on! Next stop... JAMAICA. Our goal is to go every year out of the Country.

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  1. i cant lie that is funny about the airplane!! ha ha if you need help with your house let me know i am busy today but i can help out tomorrow or whatever :)


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