Monday, June 1, 2009

Picture over load

goofy Will
Ok we ate crepes everynight pretty much. so good!
in the freakin jungle! jk this was on the beach
One night they had a huge beach party, entertainment, food, dancing, and loving! Such a great night.
Chef on the beach.
Dancing on beach
Will's seductive face.. didnt work on me :)

Just because
Messy room
Walk on the beach
Oh just getting ready
drinky drinky
Ha Will's oyster in beat sauce.
Went to formal dinner one night, this is Will's shrimpy shrimp.
Our sushi chef.. sooo good.
They had a beach night and had a show for us. Such good dancers.
Plumeria Flowers are my favorite.
Formal night.. were a dang cute couple
ok this is a true fire crotch.. haha look and his speedo.
This is the gorgeous pool
Just chillin out
Will layin out.. in the shade.
Our cabana set up on the beach
Kissy kissy
Picture time
Wide red eyes..
Ok turtle on the rock. there were a ton of them in the ponds that were thru out the resort.. Montana(our turtle) will get that big!

here are a few of our pictures.. i am sure your sick of all this but it was a fun time. Some of them are not cropped or turned right but i am to tired to do it and i am at work.. so sorry. There are hundreds more. But these are just a few :)
Below this post you can read about our trip. Its a long post so be patient.

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