Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yes we are now married and its so amazing. I love every second of it. The fact I don't have to say goodnight to my hubby, and get to wake up to him in the morning is the most precious thing ever. I get to cuddle him all night, and get to see him off to work in the mornings.

Our reception was Phenomenal. We had amazing feather center pieces, we had cotton candy for the parting gifts, we had the most yummiest desserts and food. Yes, I don't believe our reception could be beat. Especially because my mother had such a big part in it. From making the flowers, to helping decide what goes where. I am so thankful for all the help from our families. Both mother in laws, my father, our brothers, friends, and for Forevermore Events, and Moment to Moment Photography.

Friday and Saturday night we spent in a hotel in Hurricane. We had to be back in St. George on Saturday for my brothers graduation party, and in Zions on Sunday for a Rhino tour we did. So Hurricane was in the middle. We had soo much fun on the rhino tour, and I am sorry I have no pictures. I will post some later tonight. They are on Will's camera.

Then this week we will be staying in Will's condo till our home is finished. They are still working on the tile, we need a carpet guy to do something, and then a stucco guy coming. Hopefully everything will be done by this weekend so we can start to move some stuff in before we leave for our SURPRISE honey moon on Friday afternoon. If not we have a busy week after!

That's all for now. Have a great week!

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  1. Will and Tere,
    We had a blast being part of your wedding day!
    Thank was so fun working with you!


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