Friday, May 22, 2009

quick post

so were in vegas waiting to board our plane to florida, to head to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! can you even believe it. yes tomorrow we will be at a 5 star hotel laying out on the white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters! i am so excited and could not be more excited to go anywhere else! we will take lots of pictures and will see you soon! and update on in one week! Ahhhh soo excited.
taking sexy pictures at the airport.. ya were bored. doesnt load till 12 our time. we still have a hour and a half and have been hanging out here for an hour already. At least we have everything we need.. i pod, lap top, heros episodes, and eachother.... have a great week. 

** oh and stef and sadie.. this is me telling you / texting you where were going haha. Love ya!

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  1. WOOHOO! that will be an awesome honeymoon! think of me while you are there... i will be camping, a far cry from those white sandy beaches ;)


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