Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dressed in white and ready to go.

Yay! so my dress FINALLY came. I ordered it from china, and after almost 2 months I was beginning to think that it was a fake website. Which I would have been furious because this is the only dress that I wanted. After a month I had a neighbors foreign exchange student call china and ask this company when they would be sending it or if it had been sent. They said it was still in the making and that it would be to me in about 2-3 weeks. So I was stoked when I got it! It fits perfectly. I went to the alterations lady because we need the jacket to be lined, and even she said she was amazed how perfect it fit, and that we didn't have to bring it in nor let it out any. Soo I got really lucky. My mother and I have made my veil, and it looks amazing. I cant post that quite yet, or me in my dress because I don't want will to see it yet. :)

The website has a ton of dresses, tux, shoes, everything for all occasions, check them out at


  1. so... you should wear it to work one day, ya know... so i can see it. ill wear mine too... we'll make it a party. :)

  2. wow! it's sooo pretty! i'm so excited to see you in it :)

  3. That's beautiful. I can't wait to see it on you! Getting married is so fun. Just make sure you chill and enjoy the day because you only get to do it once and it goes by really fast! EXCITING!

  4. Hi Tere! I love the dress. I like your turtle names better than mine. Ask ri what my turtle's name was.... I can't tell you online. I'd probably get beat up.

  5. Tere,
    The dress is gorgoeous! So glad it came I would be sad to have an unhappy bride...
    Can't wait to see it on you!


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