Tuesday, March 17, 2009

date night, and my rocker dad.

So every once in a while, like 3 times a monthish Will and I will invite as many couples as we can and just hang out. Usually we (me) will make dinner and watch a movie. Well the other night we decided to go bowling. So we called Will's brother (Stephen) and his girl friend Jessica, and my cousin (Wills bestie) Dustin and my friend Emmie to come over to my house and eat dinner and go bowling. I made ravioli's and salad. Then we went off to the bowling alley! It was amazingly fun. We joked and laughed the whole time. It was so fun to get together with the funnest group ever and just hang out!

This is my favorite. Stephen wanted to represent. So here is try #1.
#2 Almost has it....
OH!! there we go! 3rd times a charm!

OK. My dad is in a band called Middle of the Road. They are a rock band and are amazingly good. They get called to play gigs anywhere from weddings in Vegas to playing at the Elks Lodge and the Fire House. This past week they played at the Rose Bowl. There was a huge party going on selling tickets for the upcoming baseball games. There was free food, cupcakes from 25 main, and soo many people. It was a blast! Here is a few photos of him and his band jamming!
I love my dad soo much. He is the most amazing man ever. Besides my lover. But he would do anything for me and my family. He watches out for us also. And would give his arm and leg for anyone. He is the bishop of our ward, and everyone just loves him. He is so good and taking his dad hat off and putting his bishop hat on when Will and I go in for interviews or just to talk. I loves him!!


  1. Tere, Please send engagment photo so I can post you and Will on my blog! On of the cute photo's that Tavish took....

  2. Holy Smokes... Your hair is so blonde. You can get away with anything.


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