Tuesday, February 24, 2009

happy late v-day to me!

So because will was in Vegas for the real Valentines day we went to Vegas on Saturday and hung out! Driving down we had no idea what we wanted to do. So we thought hmm. lets go to Criss Angel. So we went and got tickets. We were on row G. Which is 7 rows from the stage. They were Perfect seats! Before the show I told Will I wanted to volunteer to go up if they ask. He told me no that I could get hurt, but if they were to physically come up to me in the crowd I could go up and volunteer. So were sitting there, and about 10 minutes before the show starts this guy comes up to us and asked if we would like to help out with the show. I freaked! So I went with the guy and down to the side of the stage. Needless to say we had to hold a banner that said we love Criss Angel. It wasn't what I wanted, I wanted to like be cut in half or walk on water with him. But it was cool. After we got brought up to the stage and were on TV with Criss Angel and he gave me a rabbit in a hat! I am pretty obsessed with it! So all in all it was a perfect night. I would highly recommend going to his show, it was cool! No cameras were allowed in the show, so we have none to show you, sorry.

Criss Angel, I have the biggest crush on him, I think he is gorgeous! Is that weird?

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