Wednesday, February 11, 2009

catching up.

*So we have taken our engagements but we don't have all the pictures back yet. When we do ill post some! Will put one up on the last post. Cute right? We had Tavish and Aimee do them.

*Tavish is a friend of wills and they did amazing. I am stoked about them!

*At the bridal fair thingy, I won a FREE bridal session with Moment 2 Moment Photography. So that helped to save 1200 dollars which is amazing huh?

*My brother got his Eagle Scout Award! Which is a huge accomplishment. I am so so proud of him. He did such a great job. His ceremony was sooo cool! Here are a few photos.

We had a guy that had a real eagle! soo cool. We got to take photo's with it and everything. So that was awesome. My brother looked so good in his outfit. I thought he looked really grown up. The picture with all the boys was called the Eagles Nest, or something like that. It was crazy to see all these guys that have put so much work into getting this award. It was cool. Will, my Dad, and my brother were all in it. It was awesome!
* On another note.. the whole flu, crud, sickness, that is going around seriously needs to end now! My whole family including will have been suffering because of it. It sucks. Will's temperature was 101.1 scary! And him being such the tough boy he is wouldn't go to insta care. Imagine that right? So hopefully tomorrow will be better and we are all running around again!
*Will ended up going to Phoenix for 2 days to put up some graphics for a big company. Sooo i was widowed for that time. But i tried to keep myself occupied! Any ways.. valentines day is coming up.. What are you all doing? I may be widowed for that too. ha. No but really I am sad. Work takes my boy away from me. But its OK!
* Well sorry its such a long post but just letting you know how we are and what we have been up to! Have a great week!

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  1. Wow...congrats chris! I can't wait to see more pictures.


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