Monday, January 19, 2009

who would have thought the day would come when...


Ok. so i knew it would happen or i wouldn't of did the blog thing for us. But come on it took Will forever to ask. He asked me on Thursday the 15th. So yes I am a little behind! any way.. I was at work at the tanning salon when William came in. He put the bag down and all he said was "I bought you something." Like it was casual or something.

SOO needless to say I was not the nicest girlfriend when he set the bag in front of me. And this was my reply " YA right. I already know when your gonna ask me why do you have to be such a jerk and tease me. " I was mad.

*Will had told me previously to this that he was going to ask me on Sunday when our families were both going to be there. so I was shocked!*

WILL: "just open it"

ME: i found a box in it so i am freakin out. i shake the box first.. empty. "Your such a brat, i cant even believe you would..."

WILL: pulls out the real ring in a different box that was hidden in his pocket "will you marry me?"

ME: "ahhhhhhhhh yes!"

US: kiss kiss kiss hug scream hug scream kiss.

I was having girls night that night so his next line was.. " I know your having girls night tonight, so I figured you would need something special to show off" -Freakin cute huh?- this is where you go awwww..

Here is my gorgeous ring! The pictures do no justice. Its so elegant, I love it.
I love William too of course. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. Since meeting him I have changed tremendously and could not have done it with out him! Thank you babe!

*now the real planning begins... please give me advice on EVERYTHING ha. I have never done this before you know and I need help. I am quite special*


  1. oh so cute! Love the ring, it's so you!

  2. I'm so Flippin excited! :) Call me and I will be more then happy to help... I have helped with my fair share of weddings! :) Congrats, love ya Tere!

  3. Hoorah! Congrats. Your ring is seriously gorgeous. I love it!


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