Monday, January 26, 2009

updates, and wedding stuff.

So yet again no pictures.
January is such a boring month. Nothing fun and exciting happens. Well except that one day that you get engaged. But other than that its boring:) So to catch you up on everything we have been doing lately I am here to post.
-we found our wedding colors. We chose to do lime green, with electric blue, with the black and white damask print. Seriously sorry bout the shirt its the only picture that had the kind of blue I liked:)

-We had a big dinner with both sides of the family! That was scary but turned out really well!
-Were making our list of friends that were inviting to the wedding. (if your reading this your probably invited:))
-I met with our wedding coordinator! Where we figured out everything! From decorations, to food, to how were doing our center pieces, to our chairs, to our ring ceremony, to everything! Her name is Laura Stagg, and she is amazing. Check her out at Forever More Events!
-We went to the wedding showcase. That was fun and helped out a lot with our decisions and gave us great idea's!
Pretty much that is about it! Were just still working and hanging out! We still have a ton to do for the wedding tho! We need to find out fits for the mothers, the best man, maid of honor, grandparents, etc.!
Anyway. thanks for reading:)

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