Thursday, September 13, 2012

That moment.

The scariest moment in a Business Owners life happened last night you guys.

Its 12:15am. We just woke up a few minutes before because our fur babies are real babies and have to pee 100 times a night. We just laid our heads back down when my phone lights up and a random number appears on the screen.

Me- What the hell, should I answer it?
William- in a grumpy who the freak is calling you so late voice Its 12:30! meaning NO DO NOT ANSWER IT.
Me- Hello?
St. George Police Department- Blah Blah Blah
Me- Thinking to myself CHRISTOPHER!!! (my brother) Im going to kill him.
St. George Police Department- Blah Blah High Knees Blah Blah Opened door Blah Blah
William- Shoots out of bed
Me- Yes, we will be there in 10 minutes in a Red Truck.

Driving over to the shop was full of a non conversation, conversation.

What if?
How did?
Did you?
Are you sure?

Prayers were said.

We arrived and the police explained that they had heard noises, and saw kids running. They secured the whole building pulling on all the doors to make sure none were opened. They had set off the alarm by pulling on our door.

Luckily no one entered the shop, the police went in and cleared the building. Nothing was out of place, just a warehouse full of our lives savings.

Then me, being the blogger I am took some photos.

 William put the above photo on instagram (@hkcycling) with the caption that said "Cant stop a gangster"
He is a freak. ha.

These are my favorite photos know why?
I spy with my eye something orange, borrowed stolen, and in the cops sight.
Yup construction cones that husband uses for events.
I was dying laughing.

Anyway, all is good in the hood.

XOXO, Tere

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