Monday, May 21, 2012


Oh Instagram. Have I told you how much I love you today? No? Well I love you.

Me and the babes went for a run/walk. Sam doesn't exactly run, he would die if I made him. He sounds like he is dying just walking. Does anyone else's face get this red? You cant tell from the lighting but seriously I go almost purple when I exercise! 
Got these two years ago Halloween. Hubs still had them. Why is it that if I get free, cheap sunglasses they always seem to stick around, but if they are my most favorite ones ever I always seem to lose them in the lake, or the black hole!?!

This was for throw back Thursday. This is hubby and I at the Ratatat Concert. Seriously, have you been to one of their concerts? It was amazing, too bad we couldn't dance because hubs decided to fall on his bike and crack his chin open.

See!!! You could spread it and see his bone!

Best cereal ever.

Did some eyelash extensions. I think they turned out pretty good:)

Oh just my view. Ugh. Annoying. No, I don't have a comb over, its just the way the light hits it(?)

Total Eclipse of the Heart.
I made the box in the upper left. Its called a pinpoint box camera. It took me 20 minutes to understand the directions and about 2 minutes to put it together. We didn't get the fancy glasses, but this worked just as good! How cool is that?

Did you get to see the Eclipse? If not, I'm sad to inform you that the next one isn't until 2023.

P.s. Are we instagram friends?

XOXO, Tere


  1. What kind of dogs do you have? You know I'm a dog nut! Also that pin point box is awesome. I wish we would have been more prepared. We just wore 3 pairs of sunglasses and looked through the tinted window, I saw the crescent shape really well, but your box looks like it did a really good job! The extensions look great. I had some for my wedding, and they were awesome. I didn't even know they were there, but we went to florida to get on our cruise ship and the humidity made the glue loose and the pretty much all fell out in the next 5 days! Your hubs chin is gross. That's all! :)

    1. Sam is a boxer. He is beautiful. And Armani is a Maltese Pomeranian. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for naming him Armani, I just tell them it's because he is a designer dog;)
      The box worked amazing I googled how to make it like 30 minutes before it started!
      Ya humidity will kill the glue. I love them!

  2. i didn't get to see the eclipse!! i'm so sad. it was so so cloudy here yesterday.

    how unfortunate :(

    and i actually really like your hair in the "comb over" photo...just so you know.

    1. that is unfortunate. but what is great is that you are still young and will be around for the next one in 2023:)

      Thank you!

  3. holy chin cracking!! eek. that just gave me the heeby jeebies (how the heck do you spell that?) :)

    1. i think that is perfect spelling. i know it was awful!

  4. Oh my gosh, WOW. I almost threw up, Tere. Not the best surprise I've ever received on your blog :)
    Let's hangout ASAP. And Beck's out of the hospital now, right??


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