Thursday, December 2, 2010

oh christmas tree...

ok so lets back up to thanksgiving... We had it at my parents house and it was soo good. The usual family joined us and we had a feast.. for 3 days it was that good! We played games, and stayed up all night to go black friday shopping. My mother and I and our good friend Annie got ready and went at 11:30 pm. We went to walmart to get the 32" T.V. We had to wait in line for 6 hours! It was awful, yet enjoyable. We shopped around walmart and got a few other things that we wanted and continued to wait in this line for the T.V. We got smart and went and got blankets, pillows, and clothes to lay on/ sleep on while we were there. Then when the wait was over we shoved them under the rack. William went and got all the big deals that he wanted and I am pretty sure this will be his most favorite christmas.

The day after Thanksgiving you better believe I had Will up on that ladder hanging lights. He bought me some light up reindeer and my mother gave me light up trees. Our house is decorated so cute! I just love Christmas time.

I made this advent calendar! isnt it so freakin cute! it took forever, but it was worth it:)

love, Tere Shake

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