Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its all in the details...

Love my house.
I love the decorations.
I love that I get to wake up and make my bed.
Dust my furniture.
Vaccuum my floor.
Put holes in my walls with nails.
Walk around in my undies in my house.
I love that when others see my house they get jealous.
(Mostly thanks to my mother, whoisan amazing decorator)
Most of all I love that I get to decorate my house with holiday items!

This post is dedicated to my Halloween Decorations.

So you know those way cute ornament trees that you can buy for like $20 bucks. Well I forewent the tree and made my own. These branches are always here, so I thought I may as well use it as my ornament tree. I LOVE it.
These cute pumpkins were from Tai Pan. I dont really like Tai Pan for personal reasons, and I ended up getting a coupon in the mail, and decided to suck it up and go in. Glad I did!
My talented mother made this boquet of fall flowers. Love them.
For my wedding the very best gift I got was a tub of holiday decorations. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc. It was of course from my mother. I got this skeleton as one of the Halloween gifts. So cute!
This Garland was a pain to hang. Dont look to close, its all sorts of lop- sided. William will have to be Mr. Fix it tonight. These are where I mentioned being able to put holes in my walls with nails. There are a million:)
I made this decoration bouquet with various things from Tai Pan.
These are cute ceramic ghosts and pumpkins, I believe from Krumpets, but cant quite remember..

I have a Wreath I am still working on. It will be so adorable and I cant wait till its done. Pictures to come.


My new Vacuum.
I love it.
It has a setting for bare floors, and carpet.
It has a working hose.
It picks up dog hair.(not that mani sheds)
Its light.
Its purple.Its easy to maneuver.
Best of all.. it sucks so good.

Well I guess this is what happens after you get married.. Your more excited to decorate your house and busy doing Martha Stewart projects and obsessing over vacuums than you are planning what dance, party, and friends your hanging out with for the actual holiday. I asked Will "What are we going to do for Halloween? We should find a Party to go to.." His response "Aren't we just going to handout candy and scare the little kids?" oh man, I hope not. I hope we can find a friend to play with! any takers??? I promise we will be on our very best behaviors!

Love Tere Shake

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