Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Speed Racer.

So if I have not mentioned it before, William took up biking. Road biking. He has been cut off once and survived some battle wounds from it. (no worries, no damage to the head was experienced) He usually bikes everyday whether its on his new trainer, or on the road, or at the gym. He is a very good Speed Racer if you ask me. He is determined and has those looong legs to go faster. He is training for some race at some point, (ha I am such a good wifey I dont even know when it is) but he is training for it, and he will be amazing at it. He is working on abs and arms now. Our personal trainer said that those are the 2 things bikers need to work on. So he has been amazing at that. Wish I could say the same for me. Anyways I snapped this picture of him the other day on his way to go for a bike ride. And yes, it is a Speed Racer jersey. We found
it and knew that he had to have it. So Cute!

We have been pretty boring lately. The other day we had a big party with some friends, and it turned out really good. We did a pot luck mexican style and I made some sort of something. I dont know what its called. Tortilla, beans onions, tortilla, beans cheese olives, tortilla, beans cheese tomatos, etc. That is how its made. ha. I dont have any pictures of it, except this one I stole off Erins blog. So enjoy that...

Other than that were just hanging out. My grandparents came down for a week and it was a blast to hangout with them. I love when they come they are so funny. Armani is getting a hair cut on Friday. And he is going to look so cute. He looks homeless right now. So ill put up an after photo of him. We go to the dog park almost every night while Will rides his bike. He loves it and so do I. Except last night we were there, hanging out and Armani was sniffing this stroller some lady had brought her dogs in, and left them in the stroller the whole time, (she was a freak) any way Armani was sniffing it and kinda growling, and she SHOOED him. Can you even believe that she said SHOO SHOO. I just ignored him, and her shooing him. Because its a freakin dog park. You do not shoo my dog because your a freak and keep yours locked up at the park. I was kinda upset. But shooing Armani did nothing, he went right back to sniffing and growling, and kept ignoring him. I just laughed because the lady was getting so upset. O well.

here is sexy Armani and is freaking long hair. He has a mullet, no lie. Its gross. I was gonna cut his hair my self, since that what I do for a living, but decided I wanted him to look good. So I am going to have him have a hair cut, and see how the guy does it, then ill know how to do it the second time around.

Well that is about it. We dont have much coming up.. Well except my birthday which is in like 3 weeks from tomorrow. WOOHOO. Will has not told me what were doing, its some sort of a secret. But its out of town and its going to be fun.. All I know is we just need a Vacation, so this is the perfect excuse to go and have one. Well pictures of Armani to come... Tomorrow, maybe saturday.

Love, The Shake Family


  1. Thanks again for having us over for the mexi nugget party, we definitely need to get together again so I can annialate you at wii beer drunk.

    Love, Erin!

  2. We always have something going on whenever you invite us to the fun partys you throw on. One day we will be able to come! I miss you a ton!


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