Monday, February 1, 2010

hello world...

Will keeps telling me I need to update this thing.. so here we go.

We have not been up to a whole lot this last month. It seems like after the holidays everything just dies down. So we have just been enjoying each others company. We went up north to my GREAT grandma's 90th birthday party. It was a blast. I cant believe she is 90. She goes swimming 4 times a week, still drives herself around, and lives on her own. She is absolutely amazing. I hope to be like her when I reach that ripe age.
Will is really into biking now a days and loves it. His mother and him go all the time. He has only been ran off the road once and received some very insane battle wounds that are just now healing up. Yes, they will scar. I am just glad that he is OK.
We have new years goals, and one is to hit the gym every night after work. We have been doing amazing, if you ask me. We go all the time and have only missed a handful of days because we have either been out of town, or not in the mood. ha. I know that is not a good excuse. Others are to save money. We have been doing excellent at that, and cant wait till the end of the year to see how much we actually saved.
I on the other hand, quit working at Kiss and Makeup Salon. SO I went over and started to work at Dollar Cuts in Washington. I LOVE IT. It is such a blast to work there and to meet all the new girls from there also. I always said to my self... SELF you will never go to a place like that to get your hair done. Total Mistake. The girls there are AMAZING at hair. Taught me to never judge a book by its cover. SO that is where I am working now, if you need anything done, give me a call. The prices are cheaper, and you get the same result as if you were paying 100 bucks more.
I just got home from California last night. My mother, Me, and a couple other friends went to the ISSE show in Long Beach. It was such a blast to have a girls week and laugh at everything not funny. We stayed at my darling aunt Demerree's house. It was so fun to be with her and her cute family. We got a lot of fun stuff like new clippers, woohoo! and some Bling Strands. Yes we bought every color. If you don't know what they are look them up, if you want some give me a call. They are fabulous and look so cute in your hair. I put some in and every one stops me! We spent a long time in Vegas on the way home to do LOTS of shopping that was much needed. It was fun to spend the weekend with my mother. We needed it for sure.
Other than living the everyday life, we have not been up to anything too excited. Altho we did plan a Vacation to Baja California in March that I am stoked about.

Tere and William Shake.

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