Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas, New Years, and Fun (picture overload)

Sorry family, I have not updated in a while. I have had some bad complaints about it so I figured I better get my butt into gear! Now that we dont have church till 11 (which I am stoked about) one of my goals would be to post every sunday about our week wether it was amazing or not!

Lets start with Christmas. It was a blast this year. First year as a newly wed couple. We started at Williams grandparents. There were aunts, brothers, grandparents, and of course his cute mom. We had a yummy breakfast and got to the good ol' sway of opening presents after presents. (let me just say I got SPOILED!) It was such a fun time.
Sherry ( Will's mother, got those hot new glasses to go sporting in her hot new car!) I love that picture. Grandpa B. sporting his new tie, Very cute. The top picture is of Sue, and Auntie Susan. Sue SPOILED us this year. She is wonderful!
Items we got...
fire wood ( to go with what you ask?)
FIRE PIT! (I am in love with this thing.)
CUPCAKE stuff from the grandparents
garden things
and more...

Next we went to my Parents for part 2. It was such a blast. We laughed and memories were made. I love my family with all my heart and am so glad that we could extend that into Will's. Here are some pictures from "part 2"

New suit for DAD!

Armani and Holly. Armani is the Hugh Hefner of dogs! New suit for Chris. Aint he sexy!
Ha found these ears at the dollar store. I love them.

Items From part 2
We got matching jackets (thanks gramma and grandpa)
Perfume/ cologne (cant spell)
WII (thanks wifey)
Stone Bench for my yard. (thanks hubby)
Scarf, hat and gloves (thanks christopher)
Jewlery ( thanks mom and dad)
New Blackberry (thanks Dad!)
and other things....

Christmas was wonderful this year. I couldnt be happier with where my life is now and those that are in it. Both our families are amazing and spoil us to death, and our friends are wonderful. I have an amazing husband, who spoils me to death and i love it. Were in an amazing church, and love the gospel. Were thankful for this time of year that we have to ponder and reflect what Christ has done for us.

Hope you all Had a wonderful Christmas and New years!

We went to Pinevalley and went boarding one of the days. IT was fun here are some pictures Without Commentary.

Also this weekend we went to the Sand Dunes with Rhino's. IT was so much fun. I have no pictures sadly tho. But we still have the memories.

For New years we had dinner with friends at our home, went to first night, froze, and then came back to our house and made SMORES on our new Fire Pit. SOO fun. I have no pictures of these either. But ill steal some as soon as JORDAN puts her pictures up.

Thats all for now..
Shake family

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