Friday, August 28, 2009

Our little man

Here he is in his cute little jersey! So adorable.
This is one of his favorite sleeping positions.

He is really good at staying in his carry purse. He just likes to sleep in there all day!

Another favorite position in the car.

He is seriously so much fun. I am sooo glad that we got him. He is starting to show his fun and very hyper personality as he gets to know us more. He plays and plays and plays. Its so cute. When he gets super excited he runs every where. Its funny to watch. He is also good at calming down when you need him to. He is doing very good on potty training. He has only pottied in the house like 3 times so far and its been a week! So that is very good. He will sometimes go to the door and sit like "hello let me out". Its pretty cute. He is the most loved dog at pet co. Yes we have gone 2 times so far to look for outfits, and other dog things. He loves it there. All the workers know his name and they all come over when we go in there. Will is so cute with him. He will run around the house with him, or walk him when we go on walks. He is so fun to watch with Armani. We got him a cute collar with the A/X (armani exchange) sign. I took him yesterday to go and get his 2 month shots and also to get a micro chip put into him, so that if he was to ever get lost all they have to do is scan his neck area and it will pull up all of our information, and he can come right back to us. It was the worst noise i have ever heard when they put it in him. I was in the same room but luckily didnt have to hold him down. I sat plugging my ears and shutting my eyes but could still hear his cries. I started crying. It was so sad. He hated his. But hello the needle was huge! I would have freaked right out!

Anyways, that is all that is really going on in our lifes. Will work is crazy busy. He is working so hard. 12 hour days and still comes home and hangs out with me. I love it! He is probably the best husband a girl can have. And i am so lucky that i got to him before anyone else. He is amazing.

I got our guest room almost done and our china cabinet done with the help of my wonderful mother, and loving Grandmother. I am so thankful to have them both in my life. They did wonderful at helping me decorate my house, with the help of my cute great grandmother cheering us on. She just watched tv while we did it! But it was so fun and i love that i can go shopping or to lunch with all of them and say ya this is 4 generations standing in front of you. Ha! So cool!

Well have a great weekend!

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  1. You freakin' crack me up!!! You two make quite the pair, and his name totally fits him.... and you!! ;)


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