Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Worlds best hubby...

So it starts yesterday with Will telling me he will have to go to Vegas that night for a building wrap that needed to be put up. Of course I was sad... but what can a girl do. So I tell my mother. She says I could sleep at their house (since that is where I go when Will is gone cuz I am a freak and I am to scared to stay at home alone). But I declined and said I needed to tough it out. So then Will text me and says that he doesnt have to go anymore, that the other boys would take care of it. SO imagine my excitement. Well little did we know Will's phone goes off at 3:50 in the freakin  MORNING. It was one of the boys telling him that they forgot all the repelling stuff for when they hang off the side of the building. So guess who had to take it to them. Yup William. So I had to sleep alone with all lights on and the tv on watching The Proud Family on Disney. 

I just wanted to let everyone know what a great hubby I have. He works constantly and probably way to much for me. He is always at work. Or dealing with a client. But when he comes home he knows how to focus on me, and its a blast. I loves him, and wouldnt be happier with anyone else... even EDWARD :) 

LULU babes!
As you can see he wishes he could be as cool as me. HA

So he tried. It was ok...

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